By: Arnita Pallones-Sabong, LLB

Along this area in Magsaysay Blvd, in the City of Calbayog, stands a century-old famous educational institution: Christ the King College. I had a good recollection four decades back that inside this big school campus lies a spacious lot fronting our house in the same street. The same lot we utilized for our marching activities for COTC and CAT trainings back in the 80’s.

I never knew then that vacant lot will soon rise my second home: The OUR LADY OF PORZIUNCOLA HOSPITAL, INC.

In September 2006, I got an invitation to join the team which will assist in the administration of the soon to rise hospital of the Franciscans in Calbayog. It did not pierce me, though. I shrugged it off. But the rest is history. I found myself aggressively pushing myself too hard in creating a difference in this institution.

OLPHI is now 12 years old. But I do remember clearly how OLPHI was born.

I had seen, experienced and embraced the pain of raising up this baby. Lots of sleepless nights. Unforeseen trials emerged. Silently, I cried. We cried. We felt the humiliation. The rejection. But we moved on. With us is the conviction that God made it possible for this hospital to exist despite all impossibilities and hardships. Mama Mary, the Our Lady of the Angels of Porziuncola, also strengthened our faith as we boldly face each trial.

OLPHI is a miracle hospital... and a gifted one.

Ironic. Conceptualized as a maternity clinic but ended up as an 80-bed tertiary hospital and the only tertiary hospital in the whole island of Samar. Mocked as OLPHI Gulpi by various groups but awarded by the Philippine Health Insurance ( Philhealth ) as Center of Excellence last February 2010. OLPHI was one of the 40 hospitals in the country given such honor after the tedious and the challenging new accreditation process given to public and private hospitals. Recognized, too, by the Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) as Center of Excellence at the 61st PHA Annual Convention of November 2010 in Manila.

OLPHI was just a three-year old baby, then.

OLPHI is now 12 years old. The journey is worth recalling, though how bumpy it was. Now, join me in turning back its pages….

The Franciscans started it all. We have Fr. Prisco Cajes, OFM, then College President of Christ the King College; Fr. Felix A. Jungco, Jr. OFM, the College Bursar; Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM, the first Hospital Director of the Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc. The latter, as a medical doctor, has to be pulled out from his assignment at the Formation just to answer the need. They had to answer the CHED Memorandum 30 requiring schools with College of Nursing to have a base hospital.

Considering that Samar is one of the poorest islands in the country, the Franciscans thought of entering into a Memorandum of Agreement between the soon to rise hospital and the Local Government Unit of Calbayog City represented by then City Mayor Mel Senen S. Sarmiento. The collaboration between a private and a public entity was then sealed and formally handed by her Excellency Madam Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the Christ the King College President, Fr. Frisco Cajes, OFM and the in-coming Hospital Director of OLPHI, Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM, MD. during the president’s visit to the city of Calbayog in celebration of the City’s Charter Day.

The operation of the 40-bed city ward was a unique partnership concieved to alleviate and improve the existing health care delivery in the locality. This was also to respond to the increasing number of indigent patients in the city of Calbayog who were needing hospitalization. This concerted effort not only maximized but services were made affordable and feasible.

The collaborative undertaking aimed to bolster a participating approach to health care service, showcasing a unique local government to non-government consortium.

The LGU of Calbayog co-subsidized the operational expenses of the 40-bed City Ward intended for the indigent patients in the city and the neighboring localities. Obviously, then that dole out is out of the picture. One third of the bill has to be paid by the LGU, one third by OLPHI and one third by the patient/ family of the patient.

“In labor, In kind Program” was created as part of the city ward operation handled by OLPHI’s Social Service Section.

I mentioned, the invitation to work in this hospital never pierced me, for one good obvious reason. Manila has all the opportunities for me and my family. Everything changed when I received a text from Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM asking me ( together with Ms. Eduarda Adora ) to attend a one-week training for the ICD-10 at UP-Diliman Campus. And we had to pass it! I have to answer the call. It was immediate.

When I arrived with my family in Calbayog in November 14, 2006, the structure of OLPHI main building was already there… 70% finished.

Initial Blessing. An initial blessing was celebrated in October 6, 2006 with a good attendance from the Friars, from the local government unit of Calbayog, benefactors, teachers and students of CKC.

To start the operation, a skeletal team was created. It was headed by Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM, MD and composed of the following: Dr. Arlene P. Lim, Eduarda C. Adora, Maria Cristina B. Manaog, Marissa Gayondato, Lloyd Martin Marcial and this writer.

We utilized the Christ the King College school clinic as our base for hiring staff. Interview of qualified applicants ensued. From 300 applicants, a total of 58 applicants were initially hired. Hiring of applicants followed by July 2007.

From January 2007 until May 2007, series of orientations, seminar- workshops and other related activities were conducted to prepare the qualified applicants for the various hospital works. Some of them were sent to St. Paul’s Hospital and Bethany Hospital in Tacloban City. Some were sent to Manila and some to a hospital in Ilocos Region to observe a special program for indigents.

Manualization. From March 7 to 12, 2007, the Hospital Administrator, Arnita Pallones-Sabong, facilitated the manualization of the drafted policies. Thus, prior to its formal opening, the hospital has already its OWN set of policies in the various hospital areas. It was the first edition. It was one of our ways to capture excellence. As early as 2007, excellence was not only our aim; it is our passion.

Press conference. To properly disseminate the good news that a tertiary hospital will soon open, a press conference was called by the Franciscans inviting the media group of Calbayog and the neighboring places last January 31, 2007.

An Open House followed in February 24, 2007. Likewise, OLPHI formed a team and headed to the North of Samar to announce the good news that the first tertiary hospital will soon be opened with higher level of services.

Visitation from the Environmental and Management Bureau happened last March 7, 2007. Director Letecia Maceda was more than eager to help and assistthe new hospital.

Retreat. Personnel Retreat for the qualified applicants was successfully conducted at the Nazareth Formation House. It was facilitated by this writer with the able inputs from the recollection speakers; Bro. Dennis Tayo, OFM and Bro. Alvin Paras, OFM.

Blessing. Finally, the Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc., an eighty -bed (80) capacity tertiary hospital was formally blessed through a celebration of the Holy Eucharist celebrated by the Bishop of Calbayog, Most Reverend Isabelo Abarquez, DD and concelebrated by the Franciscan Clergy last May 31, 2007.

It was the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady. The next day, June 1, 2007, was the soft opening. And eventually opened all hospital services to the public the next month.

The first born of this institution was Floreeline Olphee Dalmacio who was born July 14, 2007.

August 14, 2007, a day prior to the Feast of the Our Lady of the Assumption when the Department of Health-EV issued OLPHI’s License to Operate (LTO) as a Tertiary-level 3 hospital. Three months later, on November 2007, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation accredited OLPHI as a Philhealth- Accredited hospital waiving the 3-year period. Thank you to Mr. Wendell Supremo for the first visit. The first top Management Team was composed of the following:

Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM,MD Hospital Director Fr. Felix A Jungco, Jr. OFM Hospital Bursar Arnita Pallones-Sabong Hospital Administrator / HRD Dr. Emmanuel A. Rosales Medical Director Mary Day E. Florano, RN, Chief Nurse Dr. Hermilo Villason, OFM, MD Secretary, Medical Department Dr. Rico P. Lasaca Head, Department of Laboratory Medicine Dr. Calexto Redoña ,Jr. Head, Radiology Department Dr. Arlene Pallones-Lim OIC, City Ward

Fr. Salvador Cerbito, OFM has a short stint at the hospital since he was recalled from the said assignment.

DOH USEC Visit. On September 27, 2007, Undersecretary Lozada of the Department of Health, visited this hospital together with the DOH-Eastern Visayas Regional Director Teogenes Baluma and some personali- ties from the said department. “Gosh, I was expecting a dilapidated hospital in the heart of Samar. But look! Impressive”. Was the exact words from Usec Lozada. He then promised his full support to all the projects and endeavors to be submitted by OLPHI.

Hemodialysis clinic. On March 2008, the Hemodialysis Clinic of the Our L ady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc. was blessed. Thanks to the efforts of the Hospital Director who made possible through our partners, the RTK and Fresenius, who through the years had been gentle in asking for payments. Corporate social responsibility at work. This is the first and the only Dialysis Clinic in the whole island of Samar.

A team headed by Ms. Arnita P. Sabong went to Northern part of Samar to market the new Hemodialysis Clinic. They went to as far as Lao-ang and other municipalities.

As of July 2017, a total number of 1,392 patients had been served and 7, 507 treatment / sessions were done.

Revised MOA. In August 2, 2008, OLPHI’s 1st Foundation Day, was the signing of the Revised Memorandum of Agreement by OLPHI and the Local Government Unit of Calbayog. The purpose of the revision was to iron out certain unclear issues which arises during its first year of implementation.

Benchbook Making. In a seminar attended by the Hospital Administrator in Palo, Leyte last February 26-27, 2008, hospitals were mandated to produce their own Hospital Benchbook. It contains the 7 Performance Areas where policies and guidelines of the hospital operation will be based to ensure quality performance.

The Hospital Administrator initiated the making of the said bench book. it was completed in less than two weeks and was submitted at the regional office. Some hospitals in the region borrowed the said document for them to know where to start with.

First Strategic Planning. To improve the hospital services while facing internal and external threats, the OLPHI Management Team conducted its 1st Strategic Planning last January 23-25, 2009 at the Picceli Garden in Brgy. Malaga. Plans and proposals during the said strategic planning had been fully implemented months after that.

During this time, there was a change of some personalities in the Management. Bro. Hermilo Villason, OFM was then the Chief of Clinics replacing Dr. Emmanuel A. Rosales; Mr. Emmanuel Lim, RN, MAN replaced Mary Day E. Florano as Chief Nurse who resigned on the last quarter of 2008; Dr. Canuto Silava,replaced Dr. Calexto Redona. In attendance also was Dr. Philip Estinar, an eye specialist, manning the eye center of OLPHI, Mr. Ric Gadin (Head Nurse), Mr. Randy Muñez (Internal Auditor) and Mr. Michael C. Sabong (Maintenance Head). The last three were middle level supervisors.

Mother Figure. All through the first three years of our operation, when baby OLPHI had been facing persecutions and hardships - it was the Department of Health- Eastern Visayas who guided, nurtured, recognized, and most importantly believed in us. Worthy to mention were Dr. Perla G. Ernacio, Ma’am Jurnalita M. Bascug, Dr. Fe Barquin, Ma’am Sol Ubani, and the rest of the company. Aware of the persecution we were facing, they never left us.

In a three-day Conference last August 11-13, 2008 for all public and private hospitals in Sabin Hotel, Ormoc City Ma’am Jurna Bascug mentioned OLPHI as the “Most Complete in Assessment Tools” among all the hospitals in the region.

Complete in Assesment Tools. We had been recognized for the written policies, complete manuals and documentations. In fact, many hospitals in the region would visit our OLPHI Showroom to observe and some copied part of our SOP’s. OLPHI was just a year old, then.

Arrival of the new In-house Surgeon. Dr. Delanie U. Raza arrived in Calbayog from Cebu City last January 6, 2009. He became part of the City Ward operation as the in- house surgeon. Later, he became the Medical Directorof the institution replacing Bro. Hermilo Villason,OFM, MD.

OLPHI as Center of Excellence. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation has provided after years of study, a new accreditation process for all public and private hospitals all over the country. This writer attended Philhealth’s Initial Orientation regarding this new process last July 15-16, 2009 at Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban City.

All hospitals were given a great challenge: Quality Assurance in all aspects of the hospital operation. Toxic, taxing and too much job on our shoulders. Indeed, a challenge. The two thick books containing all the quality policies, indicators, core indicators, evidences and all must be complied with. There were 4 categories of compliance, thus, the status of the hospital be based: • Provisionary • Center of Safety • Center of Quality • Center of Excellence : the highest award ; completion of the Seven Performance Areas must be 90% above.

Feedbacks and orientations were conducted by the Hospital Director and the Administrator both to the members of the management, doctors and staff. Rigid orientations. We conducted workshops, updated our policies,monitor its full implementation. Paperworks and more paperworks. It entails more discipline to achieve our goal. Sigh.

The 3-Day Accreditation Process. February 8-10, 2010. The Three -day actual visitation from the officers and accreditors of the Philippine Health Insurance. Interviews. Observations. Document review, etc.

Synergy at its best. We made it!

Renap Accreditation. On March 1, 2010, OLPHI received its certificate as RENAP ACCREDITED TRAINING CENTER, the only in the whole region.

From March 16 to 18, 2010, a team from the Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (MBFHI) visited OLPHI for the accreditation. After three days of rigid observation, interviews, document review and everything OLPHI was awarded the Certificate of Commitment.

New Radiologist. On April 13, 2010, a new in-house Radiologist arrived in OLPHI, Dr. Abigail Lenore Cataluna. She hails from Ilo-ilo. She replaced Dr. Canuto Silava as Head of the Radiology Department.

New Assignment. One of OLPHI pillars, Fr. Felix A. Jungco, Jr., OFM headed on April 30, 2010 for St. Francis College in Allen, Northern Samar for a new assignment. Fr. Seth Monet, OFM replaced him as the Hospital Bursar. Another friar arrived in the person of Bro. Daniel Borromeo, OFM.

Additional Services. Another feather on our cap, a CT Scan was made possible through a tie-up with Himex, owned by spouses Mr. Teruhiro Ohno and Mrs. Rema Carino Padilla-Ohno. It was blessed last May 31, 2010 together with one ambulance unit issued by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

End of Collaboration. The first part of 2010 gave us triumphs. However, the next months brought us tremendous trials.

Sadly, the collaboration turned gray. Some terms not met, Ideas clashed . Chizmax. Miscommunications. Failure to deliver what was stipulated in the MOA. Unhidden horses unfold.

It was in the middle of the year 2010 when this institution suffered a lot. Black propaganda. Negative press releases. Radio pronouncements. Death threats. As if the sun hid his radiant face upon us.

The dark nights were at its peak when OLPHI was summoned by the City Council during one of its sessions. It was in the presence of the press. The Hospital Director, the Chief of Clinics and the OIC of the City Ward were lambasted. Humiliated. It echoed through the city streets, to every home and even to the far-flung barangays. However, the intentions of the pure in spirit prevailed. God listened to us.

MOA ended. Silently and gracefully, leaving a fat 7M collectibles from promissory note of patients for their counterpart.

As expected, both the LGU of Calbayog and OLPHI opted not to renew the contract. However, the unique partnership between the LGU and OLPHI created a positive outcome. It helped a number of indigent patients and families as expected and to top it all, it somehow became a model program for a certain Philhealth project.

The next months, life was tough. But we continued to walk, to climb, and walk again.

2011. Hospital Operation has to continue. OLPHI displayed courage and picked up the broken pieces to make this devastated hospital whole again.

Various programs have to be created, new services offered, new links established.

New Chief Nurse. Ms. Wynda Coleen Kay M. Pacaanas arrived at OLPHI last February 24, 2011 to replace Mr. Emmanuel Lim as the Nursing Service Chief Nurse.

Welcome friars. Fr. Ronnie Asuero, OFM arrived at the Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital, Inc last May 31, 2011. He replaced Fr. Seth Monet, OFM as the Hospital Bursar. With him was another good friar, Bro. Andres Serafin, OFM.

Blessing of the new Canteen. OLPHI canteen was relocated blessed last August 2, 2011.

2012. The year 2012 brought us joy, inspiration, enthusiasm to move on and grow. Despite its limitedness, OLPHI never stopped growing. It created new ties with the NGO’s, private institutions and foundations. The expansion of services grew wider, too. The ups and the downs in the life of the institution helped in striking a good balance in keeping the vision -mission alive.

Partnership with the Medical Services of America (MSA). MSA Philippines is engaged in the business of providing Cardiopulmonary equipment. They also provide staff of highly competent training to provide quality respiratory services 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Last January 22, 2012 was the grand opening of the Cardio-Pulmonary Clinic at OLPHI. In attendance was the General Manager of MSA, Madam Aurora Dereja. With her were the other officials of the company.

SAMAR 1st Hospital Summit. The Provincial government of Samar headed by Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan in coordination with Philhealth Regional Office initiated Samar’s 1st Hospital Summit. Invited were all Chief of Hospitals, Chief Nurses and Administrative Officers of all public hospitals in the province. OLPHI’s Hospital Administrator, Arnita Pallones-Sabong was invited as one of the resource speakers together with the DOH-EV Regional Director, PHIC Regional Director and other officials.

This writer was asked to share OLPHI’s secrets and perspective of attaining the status of Center of Excellence of this hospital.

DOH-EV Visitation. It was during the monitoring visit of the Department of Health last May 2, 2012 that OLPHI presented to the DOH Team the plan of converting the old Nurse Station 1 to Medical Arts. A Permit to Construct was then made to comply with the requirements.

DOH-Central Office Surprise Monitoring Visit. A team from the Department of Health-Central Office visited OLPHI last July 4, 2012. It was a surprise visit to check how the Quality Assurance Program of the hospital is working and to visit all hospital areas for its compliance. One of the purpose also was to pilot test a new set of assessment tools.

5th Year Anniversary Celebration. Awarding of employees and doctors who served OLPHI for the straight five years was done on its 5th Year Anniversary Celebration. It was held at the 3rd floor annex building on the 2nd day of August, 2012, the Feast of the Our Lady of the Angels.

Blessing of the new Medical Arts. OLPHI Medical Arts along Magsaysay Blvd. was also blessed and opened on the same day. Search for OLPHI’s Healthy Baby. Last August 2012, the Breast feeding Committee sponsored a Search for the Most Healthy Baby. It was participated in by babies who had been delivered at this hospital.

2nd Strategic Planning. A meaningful recollection, facilitated by Fr. Felix A. Jungco, Jr., OFM, was conducted on the first / opening day of the OLPHI 2nd Strategic Planning held in Malajog Beach last May 4, 2012. The next two days was spent at the Conference Room of OLPHI.

PHIC No Balance Billing Program. The Philippine Health Insurance Company launched the No Balance Billing (NBB) Program to support the indigent patients avail of the hospital services at the private hospitals at zero cost. Private hospitals invited had the commitment signing held at the Oriental Hotel in Palo, Leyte. The Hospital Administrator, Arnita Pallones-Sabong, together with the Chief Nurse, Ms. Coleen M. Pacaanas represented OLPHI at the ceremony.

OLPHI Christmas Choral Competition. The Christmas of 2012 was filled with the angelic voices of OLPHIANs as they compete for the Best Christmas Carol.

2013. This year saw OLPHI treading the road to stability with various programs to assist indigent patients. This year also was a year of thanks- giving for sparing Calbayog City from the wrath of Haiyan/ Yolanda which destroyed many parts of Eastern Visayas. The role of OLPHI this time and onwards was to help patients from Yolanda- stricken places and even extended the same services even up to the northern part of Samar.

OFM Visitator. Last February 13, 2013, Fr. Eduardo Armenta OFM, the designated Visitator of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), visited OLPHI. A short presentation of OLPHI’s Performance for the past years was presented.

New Friars. June of 2013, a set of new friars arrived in Calbayog City to be a part of OLPHI, namely: Bro. Roel Veracruz, OFM and Bro. Christopher Villanueva, OFM. Bro. Roel replaced Fr. Ronnie Asuero, OFM as the Hospital Bursar and the latter replaced Bro. Andres Serafin, OFM as Maintenance Head.

GT Metro Ward . Last August 15, 2013 negotiations happened with Metrobank Foundation through Mr. Jerry Perol for the construction of the GT Metro Ward to be placed at the 3rd floor annex building. The purpose of the project was to provide more rooms and wards to accommodate OLPHI’s patients especially needing assistance. The project now a done deal but... certain governmental requirements still to be pursued and be complied with.

Search for Mr. & Ms. OLPHI 2013. In celebration of OLPHI’s 6th Foundation Day, a Search for Ginoong Lakas at Binibining Ganda was heldat the OLPHI Roof Garden last August 2, 2013. Mr. Miko Antonio Galang grabbed the Ginoong Lakas title and Ms. Joeley P. Bumanglag won as the Binibining Ganda.

OLPHI SPORTSFEST 2013. Beach activity was successfully done at the Malajog Beach last August 23, 2013. Hospital Chaplain. Fr. Sebastian Gabuya, OFM served also as the Hospital Chaplain in OLPHI from 2013 up to 2014 while assigned in Christ the King College.

November 8, 2013. OLPHIans stormed heavens with prayers upon news of a super typhoon Yolanda. Indeed, God had been so merciful to us.

Super typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban and other parts of Samar and Leyte. It was the deadliest Philippine typhoon killing at least 6,300 people. The effect of the said devastation was wide. It brought sadness to the Filipinos and sympathy from nations all over the world.

Ms. Wynda Coleen Pacaanas, OLPHI’s Chief Nurse hails from Tacloban. Thus, her family was displaced after Yolanda. It was so sad but such incident prompted her to resign and bring her whole family to Manila. It was the Asst. Chief Nurse, Ms. Ma. Cristina T. Maga, who replaced her and designated as OIC-Chief Nurse. 2014. It was during this year that assistance from Missionszentrale in aid of those who were victims of Yolanda became pronounced and active. Philhealth also has to re-design programs to fit in into the health needs of thousands of people in Samar and Leyte. The assistance for Yolanda victims in the form of confinement, OPD and other services were still available. Philhealth also has to extend various programs to help lift the broken lives of many in the area due to Yolanda. Because OLPHI knew that all the trials and hardships in the past years will make this institution getting better and stronger and taller and wiser. Now, at 7 years old, OLPHI stood beautifully formed.

The Missionszentrale der Franziskaner (MZF), Franciscan mission centre is a German development charity association of the Franciscan order, based in Bonn, Germany and operating in many countries. It is focused on development of humanitarian, social and pastoral projects, and on education, information and human rights.

Visit of Madam Barbara Schmidt-Eule of Missionszentrale. Through the effort of the Hospital Director Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM, MD, FPAFP a proposal was sent to Missionszentrale asking for fund assistance to augment OLPHI’s mission for Yolanda victims. Thus, last March 1, 2014, Madam Barbara Schmidt- Eule visited OLPHI. It was a successful visit since the proposal was approved. The former bursar of the hospital, Fr. Felix A. Jungco Jr., OFM is now the Custos during this time. 3rd Strategic Planning 2014. The 3rd Strategic Planning was held at the Yangzon’s Farm in Brgy. Carayman last August 4-5, 2014. It was attended by all the members of the Management Team. New Friar at OLPHI. June 2015, marked the arrival of Fr. Jovito Malinao, OFM to this institution. He replaced the HRD for eight years, Ms. Arnita Pallones-Sabong who remained as the Hospital Administrator. However, his stay at OLPHI was short-lived due to some change of assignment. Mass Wedding. One of the highlights of 2014 was the Mass wedding. Ten couples (employees of OLPHI and their partners) said “Yes” to a long-lasting pledge of love at the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral last August 2, 2014. Moving On 2015. Eight years. An age of an ordinary grader kid whose eagerness to live at times meets confusion at the crossroads. OLPHI was eight years old. Not struggling to live anymore. No need of CPR to financially exist. For years, it has survived the external threats which demanded sacrifice, so much guts and extraordinary strength from everyone working in this institution. It already surpassed the gigantic tasks of making known to the people of its excellent service. It gained respect from the government regulatory bodies for years. It gained us awards and recognitions left and right. It was synergy. For 2015, no need of marketing strategies. OLPHI was not GULPI anymore but gulpi “pamalhas pamiling room” where to accommodate the patients. There was no more room at the inn, the Holy Bible says there was a need to put up more rooms to place the clients but there was none. Technically, there was. There were more rooms but, unused. A bridge was needed to connect the two buildings to answer the pressing problem. Bridge. A bridge was never realized in 2015. What we built was walls. 2015 was a very weak year for the upper echelon of OLPHI. NO more true sharing of ideas, of coffee and laughter. The road built for years of hardships and sacrifice was sliced into broken roads. There was a need for real introspection… for this institution to survive. The threat was internal. Anyway, trials and hardships will stretch you, change you, and tempt you to change route. The scenario of 2015, though stressful and antagonizing: there is a need to move on. Or get out. Arrival of the New Asst. Chief Nurse. Ms. Belinda Aprosta, RMW, RN, MAN arrived in Calbayog last May 1, 2015 to assist the Nursing Service Department. The Radiology Department has another new head in the person of Dr. Ruth A. Omega replacing Dr. Cataluña. She was welcomed to OLPHI last February 21, 2015. Dr. Franco A. Soriano was also invited to join the Radiology Department. 2016. This year gave us an affirmation that what we have started will never be in vain. God has a way to preserve this institution. OLPHI is, indeed, a miracle hospital. The Great Comeback. One of the blessings received for 2016 was the re-assignment of Fr. Felix A. Jungco, Jr., OFM to OLPHI. He was elected Custos of the Custody of St. Anthony of Padua for three years prior to this assignment. Fr. Salvador Cerbito, OFM was also a returnee to this institution. He assumed the position of Human Resource Director and Hospital Chaplain of this institution. Bro. Dennis T. Tayo, OFM, after nine long years, has finally stepped out of OLPHI for another assignment. However, he is still connected to OLPHI as member of the Executive Committee. And most importantly, he will always be a part of OLPHI…forever. Who knows? He will be returning back soon. Year 2016 brought so much blessings to this hospital. The various programs sponsored by the Department of Social Welfare and Development - Region was a great help, coupled by a strong PCSO program. The Social Service Section of OLPHI through the leadership of Mr. Anthony Tanio, RSW provided indigents a good opportunity to taste the services at OLPHI. New Acquisitions. Through the able leadership of the Chief Executive Friar Officer, Fr. Felix A. Jungco Jr., OFM , the hospital was able to acquire a goodnumber of new machines and equipment; 16 slices CT Scan, new ultrasound, a new hemodialysis machine, new dental chair, an information system sponsored by Cerebro, a new ambulance, renovation of the O.R, laundry, motorpool, water reservoir, ground CR’s, business office, and others. 4th Strategic Planning. With the new management under the Chief Executive Friar Officer, the OLPHI Management Team had its 4th Strategic Planning held at the beautiful island of San Antonio, Northern Samar last March 16-18, 2017. Presently, the OLPHI Management Team is trying to catch up once again with the excellence we started. So many times, lapses do happen. There is a need to wake up everybody and start on our feet gasping for that quality service we had been working through out the years. Proper trainings and discipline has to be instilled once again.. to make a good difference. This time, the hospital has overflowing patients… what we lack is human resource. One of the reasons is the fast turn-over of employees especially the Nursing Service and the Ancillary services staff. Anyway, at OLPHI- problems do exist but God has a good way for this institution to resolve them. Well, the miracle baby is now standing tall. Growing stronger through the years. It surpassed all storms…and for sure, the incoming storms and storm surges of any kind. At OLPHI, miracles do happen. Every day.